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AEOLUS DTG Forced Air Conveyor Dryer AEOLUS DTG Forced Air Conveyor Dryer

35014 Epson SC-F2000 Forced Air Conveyor

Our Price : $15,950.00
Digi Star Conveyor Dryer Digi Star Conveyor Dryer

Epson F2000 printed product can be dried by heat press or a forced air conveyor dryer. The Digi-Star by Lawson and distributed by Melco is an ideal dryer for increasing production time and increasing finished product feel. 24" 12'

Our Price : $13,500.00
BBC Forced Air Conveyor Dryer - 2408 BBC Forced Air Conveyor Dryer - 2408

The BBC 2408 has a 24' wide belt, and a 8ft long conveyor belt. Forced air allows for a full cure of wet pretreted shirts or wet printed shirts in about 2 mintues.

Our Price : $6,250.00
Digi-Dry Box Digi-Dry Box

The Digi-Dry Box is a specialized dryer designed to properly cure water-based digital ink systems. It is compatible with all Direct-To-Garment printers and ink applications. Items cured in Lawson's Digi-Dry Box make DTG prints feel more like a traditional screen print than when cured via a heat press. 34708

Our Price : $4,295.00